I had always worked in the Visual Merchandising and Interior Design fields …… until I became a mum. Unfortunately for me, I went through a rather traumatic time giving birth to my son 19 months ago, and this started my thinking about my new role as a mother. Rather quickIy, I came to the realisation that all mums, especially new ones, all need a bit of extra support sometimes. This led to the birth of Ollie & Moon Co, selling products that are specifically tailored to their wellbeing and every need.

Boasting an impressive array of styling ideas and tips to go along with the home décor items, together, these will successfully create the perfect space for you, a place where you can relax and feel safe when you need a break. Residing on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, I feel incredibly lucky that I am fortunate enough to be in a position to provide quality products to my fellow Australians while at home with my baby! Caring for your wellbeing is important, and I feel as though I have made this simple by launching my Ollie and Moon Co. store!

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