How to Create a Calming Nursery … and a relaxing space for mum !!

Something super important that’s needed in a mum’s life is a calming and relaxing nursery for both herself and her child. Luckily, I have listed all you need to know to transform your own nursery below ….. and everything is incredibly easy !!

Your Number 1 Must-Have: Definitely invest in a comfy, cosy chair and blanket to ensure that feeding time is both easy and painless for both yourself and bubs !! Whatever you are feeling will be picked up on, so if you aren’t cool, calm and collected, neither will your baby be. 

Your Number 1 Must-Do: Be organised !! Keep all essentials within reach of your changing table – ie nappies, wipes and nappy bags. Stocking up on said essentials before your baby arrives, for example, is a great way to reduce the stress of potentially running out of anything during the night.

Handy Hints to ensure your OWN calm nursery:

  • Purchase blackout shades for the window(s) for the perfect sleeping quarters. 
  • Use natural lighting for a calming effect rather than the harshness of a lightbulb. 
  • Overhead lighting is a great way to induce said calming effect on children
  • White noise- this is a proven tip to help babies sleep 
  • Soothing scents- spraying either a lavender or chamomile scent is naturally relaxing and also ideal for after nappy changes!
  • Air purifying plants- these are great, the clear favourite so far at our place is the peace lily!
  • Textures and colours- whites, creams and pastels are all light, neutral colours that feel warm and inviting, perfect for a nursery.
  • Adding a pop of colour such as orange or yellow can really help create warmth ,as well as adding a wool rug.